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Leica Lenses

Panavision® provides a wide range of non-Panavision optics such as Cooke S4/i, Zeiss Master and Ultra Primes, and Angenieux Optimo zooms. Our inventory also features some earlier generation optics such as Baltars and Kowas.


Comprising of 11 focal lengths from 16mm to 100mm, the Leica Summilux-C’s are a suburb choice for all levels of cinematography. Amongst some of fastest and lightest lenses available, Leica have produced lenses which deliver excellent image quality and robust on set performance without compromise. Available on all 35mm PL mounted cameras, contact your local Panavision for more information or booking enquiry.


Lens T Stop Close Focus Front Diameter Weight
16mm T1.4 350mm/14” 95mm/3.7” 1.7kg/3.8lbs
18mm T1.4 350mm/14” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.6lbs
21mm T1.4 310mm/12” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.6lbs
25mm T1.4 310mm/12” 95mm/3.7” 1.8kg/1lbs
29mm T1.4 460mm/18” 95mm/3.7” 1.7kg/3.7lbs
35mm T1.4 360mm/14” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.6lbs
40mm T1.4 410mm/16” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.6lbs
50mm T1.4 500mm/20” 95mm/3.7” 1.8kg/3.9lbs
65mm T1.4 460mm/18” 95mm/3.7” 1.7kg/3.7lbs
75mm T1.4 700mm/27” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.5lbs
100mm T1.4 900mm/35” 95mm/3.7” 1.6kg/3.5lbs


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