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Remote Systems

Built on a 4x4 base, the PanaViper supports up to a Supertechno 50 and offers ultra-low gearing for climbing steep hills and mounds, delivering much higher performance than other machines. The PanaViper also incorporates a built-in power supply for cranes and remote heads and a leveling column for positioning on uneven terrain.

Product Details

Laden Weight (kg)(lbs) 6600 (50' Techno)14550 (50' Techno)
Road Speed (kph)(mph) 85
Min Height (m)(ft) 2.32 (50' Techno)7' 6" (50' Techno)
Base Width (m)(ft) 1.986' 6"
Base Length (m)(ft) 5.2617' 3"
Drivetrain 4x4