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Kim Snyder Receives HPA Alchemist Honor

The HPA League Honor recognizes Panavision’s president and CEO for her leadership, innovation, and commitment to the community.

The Hollywood Professional Association recently announced the latest recipients of its League Honors. This year's honorees include Panavision President and CEO Kim Snyder, the recipient of the Alchemist Honor, which recognizes a leader who spearheads the innovation of noteworthy technology, bringing tangible benefits to the industry in production, post or workflow, and who is dedicated to serving the community.

Snyder was presented with the Alchemist Honor during the HPA Women in Post summer lunch where she was the featured speaker. In a wide-ranging Q&A, Snyder spoke about overcoming obstacles while bringing new technologies to life, adapting to new trends in an ever-evolving industry, and fostering a culture of curiosity and risk-taking. She also shared her thoughts on the future of workflows from set through post, offered advice for aspiring leaders, and discussed Panavision's commitment to supporting underrepresented communities in the entertainment industry.

Under Snyder's leadership, Panavision has supported and helped spearhead a variety of industry initiatives, including as a founding partner of the Academy Gold Program, a multi-tiered educational and experiential diversity initiative, and a primary sponsor of the AFI Cinematography Intensive for Women, a tuition-free workshop for women early in their journey as directors of photography. Snyder has stressed the importance of supporting such initiatives, noting "it is a combination of both means and opportunity that will open up more pathways for filmmakers from all backgrounds within the industry. Access to technology, hands-on training, grants and educational resources all help support the foundation necessary for equitable career advancement."

She continues, "This goes hand in hand with Panavision's mission to provide content creators everywhere with access to tools, technology and support throughout production and post production. Our ability to deliver new creative and innovative solutions to the industry is only possible because of the inspiring, hard-working, forward-thinking and diverse community of people that make Panavision what it is."

Snyder's fellow honorees are Excelsior Honor recipient Vicky Colf, former CTO at Warner Bros., and Rainmaker Honor recipient Alison Hoffman, president of Starz Domestic Networks. Recipients of the HPA League Honors are chosen by a jury of industry leaders, with the enthusiastic support of the HPA Board of Directors.