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LEE Filters launches LEE100 Deluxe Kit+

Comprehensive kit includes adaptor rings, new ProGlass Graduated Filters.

ANDOVER, England (19th September, 2023) — LEE Filters, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting gels and photographic filters and a member of the Panavision family of brands, has introduced the new LEE100 Deluxe Kit+. Designed for first-time LEE users and seasoned photographers alike, the new LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ provides everything needed to get started with the renowned LEE100 filter system.

Additionally, the LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ marks the introduction of LEE's new high-performance ProGlass Graduated Filters, which deliver the exceptional optical quality photographers expect from LEE Filters. LEE ProGlass Graduated Filters will also now be included in the LEE100 Landscape Kit and LEE100 Long Exposure Kit.

The LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ comprises:

  • LEE100 Holder: This sturdy, versatile, easy-to-use holder for 100mm filters is designed to anchor photographers’ creative journeys.
  • Wide-angle adaptor rings: Three popular sizes — 72mm, 77mm and 82mm — provide seamless compatibility with a wide range of lenses.
  • LEE ProGlass Neutral Density Graduated Filters: These new high-performance glass filters are included in three graduated densities, 0.6ND Medium Grad, 0.9ND Hard Grad and 1.2ND Medium Grad.
  • Big Stopper with storage tin: LEE’s Big Stopper long-exposure filter provides 10 stops of exposure compensation.
  • LEE100 Polariser with clamshell case: The LEE100 Polariser features an integral ring with two clips, making it quick and easy to attach the filter to the LEE100 Holder.
  • Three-filter pouch and wrap: This protective pouch keeps filters safe and organized.
  • ClearLEE filter wash and filter cloth: The travel-size 50ml bottle and special microfibre cloth ensure photographers can keep their filters crystal clear. 


The LEE100 Deluxe Kit+ is now available and can be purchased through LEE Direct in the UK and US as well as through the LEE Filters shop on Amazon.