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Mark Furssedonn appointed Managing Director of Panalux

Panavision Group veteran takes on increased leadership role with lighting rental division, reaffirms company commitment to customer service and technology innovation.

LONDON, England (6 Jan., 2021) – Panalux, an industry leader in motion-picture lighting technology and a member of the Panavision group of brands, has announced that Mark Furssedonn will lead the company as Managing Director. 

"Mark has been an established figure in our industry for over 35 years and has more than 20 years of service and experience with the Panavision family of brands," said Kim Snyder, Panavision President and CEO. "He will continue to prioritise Panalux's dedication to supporting customers throughout Europe and South Africa. Having been involved in many areas of the Panalux business, Mark is in the perfect position to seamlessly guide the staff in the company's ongoing technology innovations."

Furssedonn joined Panavision in 1997 as Operations Director for the Grip & Remote Systems division. In the years since, his role has expanded to encompass more of the Panavision Group's operations throughout EMEA. Most recently, he served as Managing Director, Mainland Europe and Africa, overseeing Panavision's camera business in those regions as well as Panalux's lighting operations in South Africa and France. Panavision's offices in France and South Africa will continue to report to Furssedonn in his new position.

"I'm thrilled to take on this new role with Panalux and excited for the opportunities it presents," said Furssedonn. "Panalux has a strong heritage and incredible staff who bring their immense knowledge, experience, and talent to every job the company supports. Panalux is known for delivering first-class equipment and providing the highest level of service. Our customers work in features, TV series, commercials, and much more, and on every project they trust Panalux to deliver high-end service. That will always be our priority." 

Panalux's extensive inventory of lighting and power solutions is bolstered by proprietary innovations including the Panalux Sonara 4:4 variable-white LED soft light and the Panalux Power h40 hybrid generator. "Panalux's proprietary equipment positions the company at the forefront of lighting innovation," said Furssedonn. "I'm excited for the company to add to that legacy with further advancements that respond to and anticipate our customers' needs. The technology and support that Panalux provides ensure our customers are thoroughly equipped for whatever the job demands."