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Total World Domination

Senior colorist Ethan Schwartz helps divine the supernatural look of What We Do in the Shadows Season 3.

Light Iron senior colorist Ethan Schwartz reteamed with cinematographer DJ Stipsen, NZCS, for all 10 episodes of the FX series What We Do in the Shadows Season 3. "Frenetic energy, controlled chaos and perfectly timed plays to the camera are only a few ways to describe the third season," Schwartz says. "The hilarious trio of vampires - plus Guillermo! - expand the show's world in the best way. DOP DJ Stipsen and I elevated the colorful, dark look as our favorite vampires continue their quest for ‘total world domination.’

"With more locations than ever, we wanted to make sure the world felt as dramatic as the main characters' house," Schwartz adds. "During production we would get together remotely and look at the new set pieces before shooting. That way DJ could test out his lighting and make tweaks before the day while seeing everything with near-final color. The colored lighting is very important to the tone of the series, as I mix these colors to find the right balance of surrealism and mockumentary."