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12/18kW MSR ARRIMAX 18/12


Accepting either a 12kW or 18kW HMI bulb, the ARRIMAX 18/12 features a 580mm (22.8”) diameter, faceted parabolic reflector, and continuous beam-angle adjustment from 15-80°.

Product Details

Manufacturer ARRI
Model 12/18kW MSR ARRIMAX 18/12
Dimensions (mm)(in) 1270 x 784 x 942
Type PAR
Power Draw (W) 18000
Supply Connector 1 x HMI Arrimax In
Lux @ 3M (5600K) 675556/1034444 (Spot) / 90000/110556 (Flood)
Beam Angle Min (°) 16
Beam Angle Max (°) 50
High Speed Capability Yes
Protection Rating 23
Mounting 28mm Spigot
Part Number L1.37950.B
Weight (kg)(lbs) 70.00